The Best Sofa Bed in the World.

With so many choices now out there for a sofa bed it can be hard to choose which will be the best for actually sleeping on. Most sofa beds on the high street are made with a simple 3-fold mechanism, allowing only a camp bed style mattress or a click-clack system that leaves you sleeping on hard cushions.

If your sofa bed is used a lot, even every day, you’ll need something that’s going to be as comfortable as a regular bed and last for years. It’s for this reason, we designed the Hanover sofa bed.

Unlike your average sofa bed, it comes with a 2-fold mechanism allowing for a thicker mattress as well as sprung slats for extra comfort. No springs or a middle bar digging into your back here. And then we housed it in a luxury sofa which you can personalise on order.

A Permanent Sleeper.

We see the Hanover Sofa Bed as a permanent sleep for everyday use.

It makes it perfect for an Air BnB where it will be used regularly.

Perfect for a studio flat where the space you have needs to be dual-purpose.

And perfect for someone who can no longer manage stairs , needing a bed downstairs for the long term.

The Best Sofa Bed for an Air BnB

The Hanover sofa bed is the perfect sofa for an Air BnB because we have designed it to fit a FULL-length bed, double or king-sized bed with a pocket-sprung mattress within. That means whoever sleeps on your bed, whether they’re 6 ft 5, whether it’s one person or a couple, or whether they are staying for one night or a full 2-week holiday they will get the perfect night’s sleep every night that will enhance the experience staying at your Air BnB.

Other reasons the Hanover Sofa bed is perfect for an Air BnB.

It’s easy to use

One motion will reveal the bed. No moving cushions and finding somewhere to put them. No arranging the mattress. Simply lift the bar behind the cushions and the bed will glide out.

(Can we add in the Instagram stop motion of the bed opening here)

We can have it with you in 14 days or less.

There’s not a week that goes by that someone doesn’t come in to see us panicked that they need a sofa bed in no time at all. For an Air BnB host if you’ve got bookings and your previous sofa bed breaks, we understand the urgent need. But because we make all of our sofas in our factory in Newhaven we can make you the perfect luxury sofa bed (the best sofa bed in the world) as soon as possible and deliver it straight away.

Access is never a problem.

The team that expertly makes all our sofas in the factory is the same team that delivers them. This means if you have trickly access, like a flat with a narrow staircase or a loft room, which is often the case with an Air BnB, we can build the sofa when we get to you and assemble it in your room of choice.

A wide choice of fabrics.

We work with Linwood, Warrick and Covertex, meaning you’ve got over 4000 fabrics to choose from. We can help you navigate the choices matching fabrics with whatever colour schemes you already have.

Take inspiration from our themed rooms within our Newhaven showroom and our Instagram page.

Here’s a blast from the past back in our Tottencourt Road showroom, when we first designed and launched this style of sofa bed in 2014. Since then this sofa bed has never let us down and is still comfortably sleeping thousands in their homes every day and in Air Bnb’s all over the South East.

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A Sofa Bed made to last.

We specialise in these sofa beds and know that it is the best sofa bed in the world which is why we offer a 20 year guarantee with all our sofas.

The mechanisms are strong, and made for everyday use. The frames that house the sofa bed are all solid timber made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood.  

How long will a sofa bed last?

How long a sofa bed will last will depend on the quality of the mechanism. Ultimately a smooth folding mechanism will last longer than a click-clack sofa bed.

Here at Sofa Style we use a Sedac Nova mechanism in our Hanover sofa. It’s proven over the years to be long-lasting. That’s why we apply the same 20-year guarantee to our sofa beds as the rest of our sofa range.

We then house the Nova mechanism inside a solid frame sofa, made in Sussex at our Newhaven factory.

Sofa beds for Brighton, Sussex, and London.

Visit us in our Newhaven Showroom and see your sofa bed being made in the factory next door.

We deliver can to Sussex and London.